Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good News and Musings!

This past week was tough, but we got through it! It's the middle of a new week with a nice paycheck and plans for the weekend :)

So, I haven't made or started any of my craft projects yet because of lack of funds, but I did start working out this past week. And I can actually say that I am enjoying it. It feels good to sweat it out and actually push myself. And with working out, I've been continuing eating as healthy as I can on budget. Vegetables are expensive! Why are the healthy-better-for-you foods always, always more money?! It is so frustrating, but on the bright side: Garrett got a job!!! YAY!!! I am so less stressed with this good news! This past year and half, coming up on two, have been very hard for him being out of work, especially the last six months. Thanks to God and my big brother, he now as a J-O-B at Fitness 19!

Other Musings: I've been wanting to go back to school for what seems like forever, but I've needed to work full time to support our little family. When I do go back, I've finally settled on a major. Well actually its more than one, but I'm prepared to be in school for the next 10 years or however long it takes working toward the degrees I want to have under my belt. Plus, I love learning. I love school. I love studying, writing papers, and doing homework. I've been jealous of Garrett because he's been going to school since the fall, and I looong to go back. I know. I'm weird. As I was saying, when I do go back I want to major in Psychology and Liberal Studies (get my teaching credential), and later on in life become a Holistic Nutritionist and maybe chef at this school. A bit adventitious- but I'm ready for the challenge!

I'm soo excited for this weekend! I can't wait to hang out with family! Garrett's Pop is coming to visit, and he's taking all of us to Disneyland on Saturday (pictures soon to come)! Woo! Great way to end this happy week. Hope everyone has a great rest of their weeks :)

love, Her


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