Monday, February 13, 2012

Attempting Authenticity

It's truly been a whirlwind, and I just haven't made the time to blog lately. I've barely even made it on the computer. The only social networking I've been taking part in recently is PINTEREST via my phone. I admit, I'm obsessed! But besides all my constant pinning, I've realized how much I miss writing and how cathartic it can be. This past week I've been trying to explain to my dear husband how important the written word is to me. I am inspired by it. I learn from it. It can communicate love to me. Words of Affirmation are kind of a big deal to me. It is my primary love language. (If you haven't read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, please do!) And really, Garrett does a great job communicating love to me via my love language, it would just be really neat if I got a love letter or two :) In the whole process of me explaining my desires, I realized I should probably take my own advice and write again for myself. Writing used to be my way of soul searching and talking to God, and I haven't done that in a good long time. I miss it, and I think I need it. I've been struggling with some big self-esteem issues lately, and I'm kind of tired of being stuck alone in my head with it. I need to journal it out. And this is just the first step: Admitting I have a problem and I need to work on it.

Here are some really encouraging words that my husband and a new friend shared with me this week that really helped: You are a daughter of the King Most High, and you are highly valued, cherished, and completely beautiful in His eyes. And to think anything less of yourself, regardless of how messed up you are, is kind of like insulting God's creation...and I don't know about you, but I don't want to slap God in the face.

I really need to remember this fact and honor God by loving myself, so I can accept His love and be able to love others in return. Thank you to my adoring husband and new friend Rachel for sharing God's love with me.

love, Her

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