Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Day to Day

Garrett and I both are dreaming of taking a vacation. A break from the day to day. This is a photo from our honeymoon. Taken from the boat in Ensenada, Mexico.

Today, I spent 3 lovely hours at the DMV finally changing my name. I know, I know, I took far to long to take care of this, but I am now legally a Stifle!

The Hubs: "Finally! Took ya two years!"
Me: "No, not even!"

I totally win this one on a technicality. We haven't had our two year anniversary yet, hehehe. But on Sunday, we did celebrate Seven Years of Togetherness!! I can't believe its been seven whole years! We celebrated by snuggling and taking a nap together. We have turned into that old couple, and I'm happy to be that cute old couple :)

I'm Currently...

Loving: I've recently discovered green tea lattes at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and they are quite delicious! I'm pretty much obsessed with them now and need to consume a cup daily. Oh, and the Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea just makes it so smooth and perfect. A must try!

Thinking About: My dear friend Rachel asked me intriguing question the other day- How is your heart? I'm still processing my response. I've never been asked such a thought-provoking-intimate question. She is such a caring friend.

Anticipating: I'm super excited about Easter this year. We are celebrating with my mom and brother and family. I'm helping my mom prepare a great feast! We usual spend Easter with family friends, so I'm really looking forward to creating to new family traditions.

Listening to: I'm streaming Pandora's Stars station at the moment and thoroughly enjoying the melodic variety.

Eating: We've been a bit obsessed with Cuca's bean and cheese burritos. I cannot forget to mention the mouth watering salsa! It really hits the spot!!

Wishing: I got to go Easter dress shopping yesterday and found the cutest dress (pics to come) at Forever 21. And I'm about to go back and pick up a few other dresses that I'm still dreaming about. So cute!

I hope everyone is having magical week!

love, Her

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