Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Days

A bit of Inspiration: NY Times

I have decided the apartment needs some changes. Since money is still a bit of an issue, I want to move the crosses to above Bryan's desk, and put an inspiration board above my computer. I already have collections of bits and pieces hiding in every drawer and box to put on said board. It also encourages Spring cleaning while digging out my inspirations. Speaking of Spring cleaning, this apt. needs a good deep cleaning. I want to invest in getting the carpet cleaned and some curtains to bring in some color. 

Spring has Sprung! I want to paint my nails and wear bright dresses and skirts. I want to embrace the coming season with vibrantness (yes, I think that's a made up word) and lightness. And I can't forget the beats. The drumming. The electric music. Embrace it all!

If you can't tell, I've been all smiles lately. This week has been filled with baby kissing, smiles and lots of dancing. It has been a good week. Yay!

love, Her

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